New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence Announces Launch of Statewide Spanish-Language Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign: Cambia El Estatus

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Cambia El Estatus
New Mexico Statewide Spanish‐Language Pilot Campaign
Changing the Latino Immigrant Community’s Perceptions Towards Domestic Violence

The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NMCADV) in collaboration with Hispanic Communications Network developed a multimedia campaign that addresses current perceptions of domestic violence (DV) within the Latino immigrant community – where DV is considered a social norm and tolerated by those not directly affected – and works to change perceptions among young adults so they consider DV to be unacceptable.

The Cambia el Estatus (Change the Status) campaign takes a new direction and approach towards engaging the Latino immigrant community in the fight against DV. Whereas other campaigns ask the community to get involved and address how to help victims, Cambia el status focuses on securing the buy‐in from community members by helping them realize they too are negatively affected by DV. Media and messages illustrate how DV is not simply a private affair, but how neighborhoods, family, children and individuals are all in fact negatively affected by DV.

The goal of the campaign is to change perceptions of domestic violence as a social norm and instill a stronger attitude of intolerance and non‐acceptance of DV among young Latino immigrants ages 18‐25. The pilot campaign uses various Spanish‐language communications and marketing tools to reach target audiences through their preferred platforms of media. The following is the list of original productions and materials as well as related market placement for the debut of Cambia el estaus in 2011:

  • Radio PSAs – NM Statewide
  • Mall Ads – Coronado Mall (ABQ) and Mesilla Valley Mall (Las Cruces)
  • Media Tours (NM Statewide)
  • Talk Radio Shows (ABQ, Truth or Consequences, Las Cruces)
  • Digital Online Video (Universal)

The creative approach leverages social media as the featured vehicle of communication where scenarios of perpetrators, victims and select community members post what they’re truly thinking – sentiments and experiences with DV that most people would never post in public – to capture attention and generate strong responses among young Latino immigrant adults.
If individuals within communities do not realize how their families, children and they themselves are negatively affected by DV, they will continue to ignore DV and simply consider it as a social norm within the Latino community.

The messages and media platforms of Cambia el Estatus address this gap, and fulfill the need to speak to the Latino immigrant community in a way that resonates with them and can change their perceptions.

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