NMCADV Associate Trainer Program

Posted on 06. Sep, 2012 by in News, Training

In response to the need for affordable and accessible domestic violence training ,  NMCADV recently selected 10 people from around the state to become trainers for the Coalition. This group will learn about  cutting edge approaches to domestic violence prevention and intervention and  then spread their knowledge and expertise throughout  the state.

According to NMCADV Training Director, David River, “We don’t want geography to be a barrier for anyone. We want our domestic violence programs to have the benefit of all the latest  information no matter where they are located.”

NMCADV Associate Trainers’ recently traveled to Nevada to learn from national experts about how to create trauma informed services statewide.  “Most victims never contact anyone for help,”  said NMCADV Executive Director Pam Wiseman. “This training was to help position our state to offer support to families who we otherwise would not see.”

List of Associate Trainers

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