VAWA comes up for a Senate vote this week!

Posted on 04. Feb, 2013 by in Legislative Updates, Policy Events

From the National Network to End Domestic Violence:

The Senate’s bipartisan bill to reauthorize VAWA, S. 47, will come up for a vote this week.  The bill will be considered on today, Monday, February 4 and up for a vote on Thursday, February 7.

S. 47 now has 60 co-sponsors – due in large part to all of your calls!  This should guarantee VAWA’s passage in the Senate.  However, there is a possibility that amendments could be introduced on the floor that would attach non-germane provisions to VAWA and could slow down forward movement on the bill.  Please call your Senators today and Monday, and urge them to vote yes on S. 47, without amendments!

Call Senator Tom Udall at 202-224-6621 and Senator Martin Heinrich at 202-224-6621.  I just called and it took me two minutes to call both.  Very easy.  Follow the script below.

1)            I am a constituent from (city and state) and my name is _________.

(I think you should also say you are part of the NM Coalition, then say which community you serve)

2)            I urge Senator____ to vote yes on S. 47, a strong, bipartisan bill that would reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act – and to oppose any amendments that are introduced.

3)            Thank you and I look forward to hearing that the Senator has voted for VAWA.

We are optimistic that the Senate will pass a strong bill– and then we can turn our attention to the House and to getting a final VAWA that safely and effectively protects all victims!


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