Pam Wiseman Interview with KSFR Radio Cafe-March 2014

Posted on 12. Mar, 2014 by in News, Podcasts

Pam Wiseman speaks to with Santa Fe Radio Cafe host Mary-Charlotte, covering upcoming NMCADV projects including: the Message Matters conference, detailing why messaging and communication is important in creating support for domestic violence work and understanding who our detractors are; our partnership with Animal Protection New Mexico and the CARE program, explaining the link between animal abuse and domestic violence; speaking about the coalition itself and organizational development for our programs and advocates; and our exciting upcoming children’s project, describing how the exposure of domestic violence to children causes severe consequences in  development, and that we will be piloting a program to serve children around the state to prevent those outcomes. To conclude the interview, Pam speaks on culture and gender based ideas of violence and the necessity of changing culture to reduce violence as a whole and the difference that we can make.

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