Hope Heals Campaign

Posted on 01. Jun, 2017 by in News

The NMCADV is proud to unveil our new campaign to promote the work and outcomes of domestic violence services in our state!

Results from our statewide Children’s Capacity Building Project have shown that when advocates perform their work well, they create the conditions in victim’s lives and the lives of their children, that lead to greater well-being and reduced violence. And, the harm to children from experiencing violence can actually be reversed when well-trained, knowledgeable, domestic violence program staff intervene.

When survivors and their children have a reason to hope again, their hurt begins to heal.

The NMCADV provides training and support to help build capacity for local programs and improve the skills of domestic violence advocates to do their jobs exceptionally well.

We are excited to share these new images to promote the work of local programs and encourage community members and important stakeholders in the well-being of New Mexcio families that the future of domestic violence services is bright.

Member programs will be posting and promoting these images, please reach out to them to see how you can help!

To find out how domestic violence organizations in your area are providing hope and helping people to heal, visit the domestic violence program in your area. Local programs directory is listed on our website

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