NMCADV Responds to Sutherland Springs Tragedy

Posted on 07. Nov, 2017 by in Events, News

Lots of people believe that domestic violence is a crime that affects only people in families, and while that is true, the effects of domestic violence are much further reaching than most realize. The shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas was a domestic violence incident – it appears that the shooter’s purpose was to hurt his ex-wife. Sadly, such motives are common. In fact, 57% of mass shooting cases from 2009-2016 involved domestic violence perpetrators killing spouses/intimate partners, former spouses/intimate partners or other family members*. In 2013, a total of fifteen deaths in New Mexico involved intimate partners and gun shot wounds**.

As we mourn the victims of this latest tragedy, let us stand together against violence in our homes and in our communities. Enough. None of us are safe until we all are.  -Pam Wiseman, NMCADV Executive Director

*Mass Shootings in the United States 2009-2016, Everytown for Gun Safety, April 2017, https://everytownresearch.org/reports/mass-shootings-analysis/
** New Mexico Intimate Partner Violence Death Review Team Annual Report 2016, https://emed.unm.edu/cipre/common/docs/2016-ipvdrt-annual-report.pdf

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