Domestic Violence Suddenly Up Front and Center

Posted on 11. Feb, 2018 by in Articles, News

From Pam Weisman, Executive Director

Domestic violence is suddenly front and center. Lots of people are discovering what people in the domestic violence community have known all along. Abusers don’t come with warning labels. They don’t wear hats emblazoned with the word abuser. They escape notice and consequently accountability.

Victims of domestic violence always ask, in genuine astonishment and frustration,

“Why doesn’t anyone ever do anything about him?”

In fact, victims are usually left to fend for themselves while others support and defend both the abusive behavior and the person who commits the abuse. Victims become hopeless. Resigned. And that is lamentable but we understand it.

Now, everyone can see how it is that domestic violence has flourished despite our best efforts to contain it. It’s not because we have not yet figured out the exact right approach to deal with abusive people. It’s because they are let off the hook, even rewarded and the message that abuse pays is not lost on anyone.

Hopefully we are entering a new era where violence and sexual assault are more often exposed than hidden. More often condemned than tolerated.

And that will be good for victims, good for children, good even for abusive people and finally good for the communities in which we all want and deserve to live in safety and security.

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