Final Report Issued Today from the New Mexico Task Force on Intimate Partner Strangulation

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Task Force Report Download

A final report was issued today by the New Mexico Task Force on Intimate Partner Strangulation.

Senate Memorial 38 (2017), sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart, directed the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs and the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women to convene a task force to create a statewide health plan to reduce the incidence of interpersonal violence strangulation and to address its long-term health implications. The task force’s findings reflect the research and opinions of a wide variety of experts:  sexual assault nurse examiners; law enforcement officers; health care providers, first responders, experts in emergency medicine and physicians dealing with traumatic brain injury. The task force included representatives from State agencies: The Department of Health; Children Youth and Families Department; and the Crime Victims Reparation Commission; and it relied on the expertise of numerous community organizations, including: The Southwest Women’s Law Center; Strong Families New Mexico; Young Women United; and Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Inc.

New Mexico advocates working on behalf of victims of domestic and sexual violence determined that passing legislation to address intimate partner strangulation would be more likely if legislators and members of the public were educated about the widespread use of strangulation as an instrument of power and control in interpersonal relationships.

You will find the full task force report on intimate partner strangulation on the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence website


Task Force Report Download

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