The NMCADV Accessibility Project Language Line and Interpreter/Translator reimbursement programs are ending on April 30th.  Click HERE for more information.

Submit your reimbursement request below.

Please note:  All reimbursements are subject to approval.  We will reimburse as allotment of funds allow.

Pre-Approval: There is no longer a pre-approval form.  Only document translations must be pre-approved.  To get pre-approval please email David River at  Please have an estimate of translation cost.

You must submit all required invoices to be reimbursed.  We require BOTH the original translator/interpreter invoice and an invoice billed to NMCADV for reimbursement.  For the NMCADV invoice you may use the template provided.  Please fill out all sections  of the template highlighted in yellow.  Download Template

*Invoice submission deadline: Please have invoices to be reimbursed submitted to us no later than 60 days after you have received them.  All invoices must be submitted by June 30th of the current fiscal year.