Domestic violence organizations face unique challenges that need to be understood by their boards of directors in order to maintain healthy organizations that are responsive to the needs of victims and survivors.  The NMCADV offers training options for board members to increase effectiveness and  insight.

Contact Us: For customized board training and/or technical assistance, please contact the Coalition at (505) 246-9240.

Online Webinar Training:
In 2013, the NM Coalition teamed up with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence to present, record, and make a series of board training webinars available to our member programs.

The first webinar is given by NMCADV Executive Director Pamela Wiseman, covering a wealth of knowledge she “wished she had known 25 years ago” about domestic violence organizations.  You can gain access this video by completing the form below.

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence videos can be accessed at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence’s website by clicking HERE and looking for VIDEO.  The “Playlist” under the Video section includes the webinar series that is useful for all nonprofit board members, and outlines their full duties.