One of the Coalition’s primary efforts is to provide cutting edge, effective training for new advocates.  This training meets the 40 hour training requirement from CYFD for advocates and is a fundamental way to move the movement forward.

The Core Advocacy Training structure:

  • A 24-hour, self-paced and immediately accessible online training that covers a wide range of skills and knowledge central to advocacy, which is located at, and
  • A 16-hour, highly reflective in-person training that focuses on the “being” of your advocacy.

This training is free for CYFD contractors and contracted-organizations.  There is a fee for non-CYFD people and entities.  People who last did the core training (40-hr) prior to July 2012 may review the online and/or in-person training for continuing advocate credit.

For more information and to register:

Comments and Evaluations from previous attendees:

“The most important take away from the training was that as advocates, we do not try to pull people out of the hole. We get down into the hole and sit there with them until they’re ready to climb out on their own. My approach to relating to people, particularly those in crisis, has changed. Even with friends, I am going to stop trying to “fix” them altogether. I will also wait to give advice or try to help until I have been able to understand what they are feeling. I think people stop listening as soon as they think they’ve found a solution, but it’s impossible to find a solution in that short of time…and you immediately ignore the rest of the relevant information that can help you help them.” – Michael Hoppal, Advocate, the Nest

“I loved the training and appreciate all the hard work that you put into it. . ..  I appreciate the commitment to best practices for our clients that you all are showing in your work!  I feel very blessed to have received the training I have.  I did a 40 hour Core Advocacy training in the past and I have to say I like this new approach!” -Jayne Ash, Director, Healing House

“For the record, This was by far the best training that I have ever been to. The hands on and information provided was excellent and I enjoyed our interaction with one another. I thought it was well put together and the three of you (You, Alberto and Claudia) made it a success, Great Job!!” -Stephanie Martinez, Advocate, La Casa