This campaign addresses the issue of domestic violence and its prevalence in the state of New Mexico, especially its impact on children.  The goal is to bring awareness of the effects domestic violence has on children.

“Children are too often either targets of domestic violence and abuse, or witnesses to it.  In both cases, the effects are profound and last for the child’s entire life.” -NMCADV Executive Director Pam Wiseman

“Lasts a lifetime” refers to the lifelong consequences domestic violence has on a child, resulting in premature health problems, negative educational outcomes, and overall low self esteem.  Domestic violence is often thought of as just an adult issue; it’s not.

Researchers have found that exposure to domestic violence as a child leads to serious, life threatening illness as adults. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, asthma, COPD, and diabetes are tied to exposure to physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Those with the greatest exposures die on average 20 years before their counterparts without those experiences.

Children who have experienced domestic violence are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, commit or become victims of crime, fail at school, be unemployed or under employed and suffer from anxiety and depression.

The NMCADV wants this message to reach into communities throughout the state.  We work with our network of programs to provide immediate help to victims and their children, so that they may receive the support they need and we can prevent these issues from manifesting within the community.

Please listen to Pamela Wiseman’s address to the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee below