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In the effort to maintain and strengthen BIP programs across the state, NMCADV is hosting ongoing, online supervision sessions for BIP/DVOTI facilitators, led by trainer Jeffrie Cape.

Small group, interactive, video supervision will allow individuals an opportunity to clarify implementation issues of HEAL or other curricula, identify and strategize personal issues related to working with batterer populations, and explore and process group related issues. The size of each session is limited to 10 participants in order to allow for in depth participation. Participants have the option of submitting questions or topics beforehand, but the format is informal and allows for issues to be addressed in a timely fashion. All time spent in these sessions will count towards your continuing education requirements for CYFD-approved providers.

These sessions are for anyone who has already attended a 20-hour training with Jeffrie Cape and David Garvin.


Thursdays, 12 - 1:30 p.m. 
Ongoing sessions will happen every other Thursday.

Click on the corresponding date to register for additional sessions.

Full 20-hour DVOTI/BIP Facilitators training will be held May 22, May 29 and June 5-6.
All details and registration: HERE


Your first session is free.  This will allow you to figure out the technology, see how everything works, and see if it will be a valuable resource for you.

Additional sessions will be $10 per session or $75 for 10 sessions.

NMCADV is subsidizing the majority of the cost - your contribution allows us to provide more of these opportunities than we could otherwise.

What you need to participate: 

We will use Google Hangouts for supervisions sessions.  This is an enjoyable online technology that allows you to see all the other participants during the session.  You probably need to experience it to know how cool it is.  What you need:

Once you register, we will send you a link to participate.  You must have a Google+ account prior to the session.

We are allowing facilitators in the same BIP program to join as a group with one Google account.  Please register yourself and list any additional members of your program that will be attending in the Additional attendees box.

Registration is below.  Please use the drop down box to select the correct pricing option.  All attendees will be approved by NMCADV.  You will not receive your Google Hangout invite until we have confirmed payment status.

Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 1:30 pm

Date: January 16, 2014

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