Position Purpose and Overview:

The purpose of the NMCADV Policy Coordinator is to ensure the development and effective implementation of the NMCADV policy and systems advocacy initiatives.  Specific goals include:

  • Assisting and engaging the NMCADV Policy committee, membership and stakeholders to identify gaps in policy, practice or systems that adversely impact domestic violence prevention and intervention efforts and developing and implementing strategies that improve policy and system response.   The Policy Coordinator keeps the Policy Committee and the membership continuously apprised during legislative session and communicates regularly about policy related issues.
  • Building provider capacity in the area of policy and systems advocacy through training, information and support.
  • Providing substantial research and analysis to the Executive Director on matters of policy and legislation for the purposes of educating the NM legislature, funders and others.
  • Providing research and analysis for funding applications as requested.
  • Working closely with the NMCADV lobbyist to ensure member programs meaningful access to legislators and elected officials through a variety of planned events.
  • Remaining aware of and able to respond to emerging policy issues at the state and national level.
  • The Policy Coordinator is the staff liaison to the Policy Committee and coordinates the group’s efforts. Although the Policy Coordinator reports to the ED, the coordinator will also work closely and collaboratively with the Policy Committee chair.
  • The Coordinator fully apprises the committee on matters within its purview and helps build the capacity of the committee to act effectively on a range of policy matters.
  • The Coordinator ensures that the Policy committee is provided sufficient opportunity and information to effectively and knowledgably decide upon goals and strategy.
  • NMCADV initiatives are developed by the NMCADV Policy committee in partnership with the Coalition Policy staff and the Executive Director on at least an annual basis or more often as conditions warrant.
  • The Coordinator helps to build program capacity and provides substantial assistance on policy related issues. Assistance may be direct in the form of training, education and consultation or the Coordinator will identify and help programs to access external sources of help.

Detailed Job Information

Policy Committee Liaison and Member Support


Legislative Coordination
  • Work closely with the NMCADV lobbyist in the implementation of the following:
    • Communicating NMCADV support of or opposition to legislation;
    • Preparing material for legislative hearings;
    • Coordinating witnesses at hearings as necessary; and
    • Assisting the lobbyist in the drafting, amending, moving or halting of legislation in accordance with identified coalition priorities.
    • Provide significant levels of information to the ED and others as needed for the purposes of providing testimony at legislative   hearings and events.
    • Monitor, review and analyze proposed legislation for its potential impact on domestic violence and be prepared to assist the policy committee with recommendations for further NMCADV action.
    • Fully and continuously apprise the Policy Committee of movement of legislation during the legislative sessions and help members and stakeholders to participate in the process by providing information about and access to decision makers in cooperation with the lobbyist.
    • Develop a communication plan to support and extend NMCADV initiatives including the creation of briefing papers, position papers, reports, testimony, letters to the editor, fact sheets, action alerts and public education materials as needed to engage members and stakeholders around all initiatives.
    • Develop and administer online tools or other communication mechanisms, including an annual policy publication that supports member and stakeholder information and engagement.
    • Collect and maintain broad reference information on domestic violence including national and state level statistics as available and relevant.
    • Conduct policy activities, which may include but are not limited to: roundtable discussion across the state; annual legislative/roundhouse event; advocacy days; and the annual community hero award ceremony and other activities as necessary to promote the policy initiatives of the NMCADV.
    • Ensure that the membership is continuously apprised of policy related issues.
    • Cultivate local, state and national alliances to further policy advocacy efforts of the coalition.
    • Emphasize collaboration by identifying the need for and subsequently organizing the efforts of stakeholders and members in a variety of ways including task forces, steering committees, etc.  For example, the Policy Coordinator will head the NMCADV Confidentiality Committee, funded by VAWA, and be responsible for researching, reviewing, collecting, analyzing and presenting information on confidentiality issues statewide.
    • Act as a member of the NMCADV team and represent the organization in a professional manner at all times.
Awareness, Communication and Collaboration

Skills, Knowledge and Ability Required

  • Education:  JD or graduate degree in public administration or similar field strongly preferred but significant, relevant experience of at least 5 years in duration with increasing levels of responsibility and demonstrated competence may substitute for education.


  •  Experience: The Policy Coordinator will have prior experience advocating for victims and/or the issue as well as a solid understanding of victim services, program issues, criminal justice and other related systems that effect domestic violence, and relevant state and national policy including familiarity with the Violence against Women Act.  The Coordinator should be capable of reviewing proposed legislation to assess its impact on domestic violence victims and services.  Experience working with or understanding of governmental agencies is helpful.

In addition the Policy Coordinator will be able to:

  • Research, analyze and present complex information effectively
  • Listen to member concerns and needs and respond effectively
  • Engage policy committee and stakeholders in the process
  • Communicate verbally in a clear and persuasive manner and possess excellent writing skills
  • Work independently and without close supervision
  • Complete reports accurately and on time
  • The Coordinator will also demonstrate strong organizational abilities and attention to detail, effective problem solving skills and a commitment to honesty, integrity and respect in dealings with other staff, members and stakeholders.  The Coordinator will demonstrate a willingness to contribute substantially to a climate of respect and collegiality and will be invested in building program capacity.
  • Spanish speaking a strong plus. The NMCADV is committed to employing a diverse staff that is representative of the state of New Mexico.



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