In an effort to gather much needed support from the citizens of New Mexico, the NMCADV initiated the Purple Postcard Campaign. We are continuing our effort to gather support for the 2018 Legislative Session.

The NMCADV advocates for all NM domestic violence programs and shelters during the legislative session for continued funding for services for victims and survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Tell your legislators that lifesaving domestic violence services are important to you and your community. Show your support and help us in the fight to end domestic violence.

Fill out your own Purple Postcard! 

Click the postcard above, or use the link to fill in your information:

We will electronically receive, sort, and print your information as provided onto hard copies of the postcards to deliver to your state legislators for the 2018 Legislative session.

What is the Purple Postcard?
The Purple Postcard is a direct way for constituents to tell their local legislators that they prioritize full funding for domestic violence victim services. We have provided an online “postcard” with a straightforward and powerful message:

“I live in your district. New Mexico domestic violence programs provide safety and resources for over 13,000 victims, children and other family members impacted by domestic violence each year. I join the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence and those victims to call on you to support full funding for domestic violence programs.”

Legislators love to hear directly from their constituents and we literally want to put a show of support from voters into their hands.

The Purple Postcard plan was modeled off a very successful campaign from the Texas Council on Family Violence. Their lobbyist called this campaign the single greatest tool for illustrating the importance of continued funding.

The Plan
To make the biggest impact possible, the coalition would love to see a flood of support from your community so we can shower your legislators with postcards. We are sending out the request for postcards around the state and the more we receive back the bigger the message will be to legislators that the need to keep funding your local domestic violence services is bigger than ever.

Your Call to Action!
As soon as you fill out your own Purple Postcard, send the link out widely to your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, your community partners and allies, school board members, law enforcement, local government; anyone who supports lifesaving domestic violence services provided to your community .

Deadline to submit postcards:
Fill it out and submit by January 3, 2018.

Tips for Filling out the Cards:

  • Must be a NM resident.
  • Everyone in a household can sign separate cards but there is only one card per person.
  • In order to determine legislative districts, street addresses must be entered.
  • Email addresses are helpful since they are the easiest way for legislators to respond.
  • Your information will not be shared with any other entities aside from your legislators and will not be made public.

Need More Info?
Please email NMCADV Policy Coordinator Lisa Weisenfeld,